Friday, September 02, 2005

It's all bad

On Thursday night I spoke to Scott on the phone for two hours. He was the most boring, annoying, unpleasant JDate© fellow I've talked to yet.* We planned to meet for lunch on Saturday and I anticipate disaster.

He is a lawyer and, until recently, his work involved the programs funded by my Federal Agency. We were dropping acronyms in the first ten minutes with no pauses for definitions. We are like-minded politically, though I'm sure he's more moderate than I am. We have some mutual work-related acquaintances. Do I sound like a bigot when I say that he is not Jewish and it's sort of a relief? He was raised Catholic and his dad is Jewish. I don't anticipate future Israel-related conflicts. I said, "I'm a big hit with the Catholics!" He said, "What's with that?" I said, "It's the guilt bond." How could he do anything but agree? (Favorite joke from my Catholic ex-boyfriend, "The Jews invented guilt; the Catholics perfected it.") We covered where we grew up, a little bit of family life, his child custody arrangements (he is divorced and has a four-year-old son) and a mutual love of old movies. We didn't discuss much heavy personal stuff or any sex stuff. I found myself speaking to him a quiet, well-modulated voice. I was preternaturally calm. It's almost like it wasn't me. He was funny and good natured and we talked like old friends, with just a touch of awkwardness. At some point we decided to get together and I kept interrupting the planning with snippets of stories. He finally managed to pin me down to a time and place. I said, "I'm sorry, I'm rambling. I always do that at the end of the conversation." He said, "Let's get the plan set and then it's my turn--I have a story for you." And he did. And it was funny.

Now it hinges on intangible chemistry. Judging from his tiny pic, he is neither Mr. Super Handsome, nor Mr. Scary Looking, which means it could go either way attraction-wise. However, even if I don't like-like him, I already like him. Whew. That is nice.

Like I said, I foresee disaster.*

Grateful for: low expectations.

*Anti-jinx measures.

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