Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I hate to vacuum

It turns out that I can wait to the last possible moment to vacuum and then only do a half-assed job (sorry Spesh). I have no problem taking out the trash. I can more or less handle the laundry and the dishes. Toilet cleaning is never neglected at my house. But vacuuming? Mopping? My least favorite tasks. I've been asked, why not hire a housekeeper? Because having someone to come in and do an hours worth of cleaning once a week seems silly. I have time. I can do these things. I just don't enjoy it.

I vacuumed enough to make the living room presentable and Spesh will have to live with it.

The real question is, how long will he have to live with it? I know he'll be here for at least a week because he arrives today and I'm taking him to the baseball game next Tuesday. So is he staying ten days? Two weeks? Does he even know? I don't mind a long visit. It's nice having someone human around the house and Spesh is a good guest, but I like to have a plan. He will tell me, whether he likes it or not.

I am not looking forward to telling Spesh about the blog. But I have to tell him. Every single mutual friend of ours knows about it and some even read regularly. C-money knows, Pele knows, JM knows, the Iowa friends know. This isn't quite what I had in mind when I started. My friends have been great and supportive and complimentary. If I don't tell Spesh, he will find out from someone else and it's better that he hears it from me. If only to avoid him feeling insulted. (That's what I'd hoped to do, eventually, with my Iowa friends. Oh well.)

Pele recommended not making a big deal about it, to bring up the blog in the context of my writing. It's a good idea and I will try and do it that way.

But why am I worried at all, especially when everyone else has been so kind? Because you can almost guarantee that Spesh will not have the same reaction as everyone else to anything. This is something I like about him, but it can be trying. I'm worried that he will make fun of me. He might. I will choose not to be on the defensive and if he says anything mean I'll ignore it and change the subject. Odds are he won't say anything at all and I'll be disappointed that he doesn't care about something that is so important to me. That sound about right, actually.

On a less angsty note, a complete stranger to me, DC, from SomeGuyInDC, has asked me and a few others to help him out with guest posts while he's off helping with Gulf Coast relief efforts. I asked him why he'd like me to contribute since what I do here is nothing like what he does there--not to mention that I'm a complete stranger. He said I qualify because I:
  1. Live in DC
  2. Can write intelligibly
  3. Can tell a joke
  4. Own cats
Isn't he nice? Everyone is so nice to me these days! (For the record, I only have one cat. I prefer the odds this way. If I get another human, I'll consider housing another cat.)

I have purposely left politics out of this blog. They have come up, but even when I was writing about Israel, I didn't go into my opinions on related issues. I kept it narrow and did not rant about GW Bush (which was oh so tempting). But maybe I will rant over at DC's place. If I have time. If I can think of something to say. I'll let you know what I decide.

Grateful for: a visitor and blogging opportunities.

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