Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Can you see the real me?

As expected, Spesh did not react as expected to the news that I have a blog.

I waited and waited to tell him, but there was never a good moment. I cooked dinner (I get inspired when I have a houseguest), we watched an hour of tv, C-money called. And I still said nothing.

It was 11:00 pm, we were both tired and wanted to go to sleep. Apropos of nothing, I said, "So, I've been doing a lot of writing lately."

Spesh Oh? What kind of writing? Short stories?
Jamy: No.
Spesh: A screenplay?
Jamy: No.
Spesh: What? A journal?
Jamy: Kind of like a journal...
Spesh: A blog?
Jamy: Yes, a blog.
Spesh: You write a lot? How much?
Jamy: Everyday. It's a lot.
Spesh: But how much?
Jamy: It depends. Sometimes just a paragraph, sometimes four pages. But, it's a lot like my fiction, very dialog heavy, so it's a quick read.
Spesh: I have a friend who writes a blog every day. It's too much. I can't read it. Jamy: You don't have to read it. (Thinking: please don't read it!)
Spesh: I don't need to read it. I know you. You write about people you know?
Jamy: Yes, sometimes.
Spesh: I want to write it. I want to try it out.
Jamy: What? You want to guest blog?
Spesh: No, I want to write it, like it's you. You won't know the difference. Give me the password.
Jamy: No! You can write something and I'll post it, but you don't get the password.
Spesh: C'mon. I want to write something. What about my freedom of expression?
Jamy: I won't post anything you don't approve. But I won't post anything I don't approve! You can get your own blog, you know, it's totally free.
Spesh: No, I don't have time.
[Nerdy discussion of site stats redacted.]
Jamy: You know, that's not quite the reaction I expected. Don't you want to know what it's about? Do you want to know the theme?
Spesh: I can figure it out.
Jamy: Most people would at least want to read the parts about them.
Spesh: Really?
Jamy: I know you're not vain, so I didn't think you would care. Actually, I didn't think you would care that much about it at all--I sure didn't think you would want to write a post!

In the morning, Spesh was online and noticed that I had "blogger" in my menu bar. He said, "I bet you have the password in here."

I said, "I bet you're right."

So if any poorly spelled, sexually explicit posts show up, it wasn't me. Honest.

Grateful for: friends who defy expectations.

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