Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another night at the stinky bar

Yesterday was the next to last kickball game. Thank god. What a ridiculous bust. We played better than usual and left the field feeling relatively cheerful. We got to the stinky bar, drank and played the drinking game. We danced a little.

Then I left Pele at the stinky bar with half the team and went to eat dinner with the other half of the team. I was following a cute boy.

I sent Pele an email this morning recounting my evening:
What I learned: all of the boys have girlfriends, with the exception of Kenny. Clayton is living with (or soon will be) his girlfriend Stacey. Cute Simon [the boy I followed; he made a point to invite me along] has a gf, though they haven't been together long (CS: "I haven't dropped the L-bomb yet") and he's a little uncertain about their future.

There was more drinking (not on my part) and a sex discussion, in the abstract, initiated by Debbie. She asked the boys for sex tips, because she'd read an article in Cosmo with men's sex tips for women. I said, "Isn't that article in every issue of Cosmo?" Debbie said, "They recycle them."

They were all trying to find women for Kenny. Thank goodness no one suggested matching him up with me.
Pele's evening:
After you left I ended up talking to a very cute British guy at the bar. You would think that between the spikey hair and two silver rings that I would be safe from my current line of men [military types], but no, he is a pilot for the British Royal Air Force. I have to admit that the amount of places he has traveled to because of that, and his soccer player physique made him very attractive. We were having a good time chatting and definitely had the vibe going, leaning in close, arms touching a bit, and then the two roosters - Brad and Paul - had to come over and mark their territory. "My woman, don't you see? She has on the same color shirt as me."

It was unbelievable. The worst was when Paul started making all kinds of inappropriate jokes about him trying to pick me up. At one point he said, "the British accent, works for the women heh?" and winked in my direction! Ned (my guy) said something to the effect of "I think SHE's probably heard all the lines out there, I'm not trying that!" Very sweet. But after this display of testosterone, Ned was totally on the defensive - "I'm not trying anything, it's not like that," etc. Once we started defining what we were doing there at that bar, it totally went down hill.

Now I have to take credit from here on out for being totally lame. The above events got me completely out of my grove. I got in a bit of a negative rut and, in my opinion, came across as a bit Dull and Boring. I gave him a ride home (he's staying at a friend's) and got a kiss on the cheek. I bailed on several opportunities to continue contact such as the question, "so where are some good places to go out around here?" My response - list some of the places, and complain about not having any favorites. My response should have been, "why don't I show you and your friend (at that moment flying into town) some places tomorrow night?" But no. No.

He would have been fun to kiss. Going out with him and his friend would have been fun as well.

Sorry cute Simon has a girlfriend!

Kickball. You have to admit, at least it has made our lives more interesting!
I have to admit that Pele's evening was a lot more interesting than mine, but I can't complain.

Grateful for: kickball.

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