Thursday, August 04, 2005

What now?

I really should be working, but you know me and work. We're like oil and vinegar. Wednesday was interesting:
  • Get to work late (due to early appointment)
  • After half an hour of "work" take long lunch with Nancy
  • Get back to office and work, blog, work, blog.
  • 3:00pm, receive phone call from Israel from good friend, Lev. Talk for about half an hour. Tell him he needs to move back to DC. Realize how much I miss him. Discuss alternative careers.
  • Blog, work.
  • 6:00pm, receive second phone call from Israel. This time it's B2, my second eldest brother. He's calling to apologize because my nieces aren't coming to visit. That's odd. Maybe he just wanted to say hi.
  • Time for kickball. Meet Pele there.
  • My first game. I play fine in the field, but don't make any runs. It is one stupid game, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to win.
  • Join kickball crew at bar afterwards. It's mostly the guys; only two other women from my team come. Pele goes home. The guys are cute and friendly and young.
  • Get drunk.
  • Rather enjoy getting dumb pick up lines from guy on my team (Ken). I never get those lines even in jest. Very entertaining. Didn't make out with him, but I did slap his ass a few times and put my arm around him. I know. I'm crazy. Crazy!
  • Play drinking game.
  • Around 10:30, had enough and decide to go home. Take cab home.
  • Log on with the intention of drunk blogging.
  • Instead, start IMing with new friend met through passive internet dating. He lives in TX and we've been IMing every day since Friday. I've been talking to him about Jay. I'm not that nice sometimes.
  • Make popcorn for dinner.
  • Happily IM, eat popcorn and write drunken blog entry for about an hour.
  • Get email from Jay.

EMAIL FROM JAY. At 12:25 on Thursday morning. It was all I could do not to call him immediately. Or email immediately. IM friend advised me not to. I resisted. I went to sleep instead. I figured a drunken response was ill-advised. In fact, I still haven't responded. And it's been almost 12 hours!!!

Jay wrote:

Hey, sorry I didn't call today. I've been running around like a madman getting ready for my vacation and didn't get back to my "home" tonight until late, I wasn't sure when you go to bed. Its looking unlikely I'll be able to do something tomorrow, when I get back maybe we can get everybody together again. Hope all is well!

I'm happy he wrote. When I got the message, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Wow, I thought, it's really happening. He does like me. At least a little. Then I caught the last line, "…maybe we can get everybody together again."

I could get upset. I could worry. But I'm not going to. I can only see the email as a good thing. I have no expectations. I know what I want (more or less), but I'm not going to impose that on him. Let him figure it out at his own pace. It's true, I'm not up for being friends, I want something else, but I can take my time. It certainly won't keep me from meeting other people, dating other guys or having drunken kickball fun.

Grateful for: email.

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