Friday, August 05, 2005

Number 6

It's after 6:00pm and I'm not getting any more work done. It can wait until Monday. In that spirit, I will catch up on one more loose end before I disappear for the weekend.

6. The email I sent to Jay.

Despite what a couple of comments advised, I never had any intention of waiting to respond to his email. It's a miracle I didn't call him immediately upon receiving it. I did, however, confer with level-headed friend, Nancy, as to what I should say before I sent him a message on Thursday. My first draft was short but chatty and enthusiastically agreed to the suggestion of getting together next week. This was Nancy's suggestion:
I'd go with this:
No problem. Have a great time at the beach. don't want to sound like you have no plans, or you're overeager. It's kind of ambiguous, so he can have to wonder whether you're into him. That's good. Then, after the weekend, like on Tuesday, you can send another email if you want in Hey, want to go out on Saturday?

The "everybody" is cover in case you don't really like him.
My reaction to that is how could he think for one second that I don't like him? But more than one person has suggested it so maybe it's possible.

I like Nancy's approach because it leaves me room to email him again without being pushy. Because I feel at sea with Jay, not having much experience with shy, slow-moving types, I went with her suggestion, only slightly modified:
No problem. Work is really busy today--too many meetings. But at least I'm getting things done.

Have a great time at the beach.
I did not expect a response, nor did I receive one. I give myself the option of emailing him next week...or not. If I'm sick of him by next week, then I won't do anything. Heh. How likely do you think that is?

Not very.

Grateful for: options.

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