Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I got home yesterday, but I was so beat I could barely think let alone write. I took a day off. Sue me.

Tonight was kickball. I opted for that instead of the weblogger meet up. I was tempted, but fiddled around at work and then got on the phone with Pele for so long that it was too late for meeting up. I walked over to the kickball game even though I was in no mood for socializing. I was full of hate. For example, I am doing the JDate thing, but as I said to my old friend who I saw in Philly, "I am prepared to hate everyone I meet that way."
She said, "That sounds reasonable."

If you are in need of some hating or the worst possible perspective on things, I'm your gal. Walking to Pele's car after kickball with two young women on our team, I was subjected to this:

Clueless girl #1: [Indicating the Capitol Building] Is that "the Hill"? Is there really a hill there?

Jamy: Yes. There is a hill. Technically it's a plateau, but there is a hill.

In the car, a discussion of where we work:

Clueless girl #2: Where do you work?

Jamy: [Cabinet level department.] I'm in the research office.

Clueless girl #1: Oh, so you work for the government too?


Grateful for: knowing the hate will end.

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