Thursday, August 25, 2005


The oddest first line in a JDate© profile:
I attempt to view all situations in which I may find myself in a balanced fashion so that I am better able to act in an appropriate and fair way.
The most amusing answer to the question, "learned from past relationships":
Once the relationship ends, you may find yourself joining online dating services and attempting to answer questions like this.
Surprisingly, they are from the same profile. I did not respond to his less than inspiring email. A most amusing opening line from a JDate© email (the sender is 28, I am 36):
it's a bit strange writing to somebody older than me (no offense, please), but i did have to write because your profile struck a chord with me.
I suppose I will write back, but I'm not sure what to say. He wrote quite a long message. I was tempted to open with, "Do you actually think you would want to meet considering how old I am?" But I decided that was the tired me talking and I would have to sit on it a bit before I figure out what to say. And another candidate with a good line:
Seems to me I certainly do fit the attributes you list for a "perfect match."
I did write back, but I'm skeptical. This is my favorite of the current batch. I think he's sweet:
I enjoyed your kinda made me wish I had been creative, yet to the point, enough to have written something similar.
There's another two who are also interesting, but not so quotable. Dates have been scheduled. Scary. Grateful for: the masses.

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