Monday, August 08, 2005

The blog crush

What is it? Where does it come from? How can it be?

I find myself nursing (minor) crushes on boy bloggers. I think...I like him. He's single, I'm single. We could go out. Unless, he's read everything on my blog. In which case, he doesn't want to date me. Or, perhaps, he's taken pity on pathetic me and thinks he can help. Maybe he can. I'd tell you who my boy crushes are, but I'm too shy.

Sometimes I wonder if the boy commenters have little crushes on me, but I don't want to presume.

There are some girl bloggers who inspire something like love. The one who comes to mind is Lola. Lola has such a kick-ass, take no prisoners attitude that I can't help but admire her. There is a vulnerableness underneath it that makes her irresistible.

Then, of course, there is I am, therefore I date, one of the first blogs I read from cover to cover. When she goes through hard times, it almost breaks my heart. I read with fascination the entire arc of her relationship with her recent ex. So well written. So raw and real.

There's the Dating Hell Diarist who once called me her dating guru. I was flattered and scared. I don't think she needs me that much these days. I have to admit, I like to be needed. Anything to stop me talking about myself!

Then there are the bloggers that feel like friends. I knew I had a connection to NML when she was the first person I thought of on the morning of the London bombings. Somehow, through our comments and some emails, we've become friends. Isn't that great?

I feel the same friendly feelings for serially single, who I find myself worrying about in a mother hen way. She unfailingly leaves kind and friendly comments for me and takes my advice with good grace.

And, of course, there's Damian, the first blogger I met in person (but not the last!). I got to know him though his comments. I admit I had a little comment-based crush on him. I brought things to a head by asking him to a baseball game. We had a great time and ended up friends. I was worried he would stop commenting after that, but he didn't--and he better stick around!

Grateful for: the blogosphere.

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