Saturday, August 13, 2005

Are you getting this?

A real life IM session from the nameless site. This happened a week or so ago. It helps to know that my tagline used to read "Surprise me."

member2000: how?
jamy: that's up to you.
member2000: are you certain?
jamy: no because I'm not sure what you mean.
member2000: do you know you're looking magnificent?
jamy: no, but thanks.
member2000: then take it from me.
jamy: are you really in Ghana?
member2000: yes, i'm in ghana. do you want to come?
jamy: no! too far.
member2000: why?
jamy: too far. my life is here.
member2000: i wish you can come and see things.
jamy: Well, it would be interesting.
member2000: look, from this month till august ending we have festivals around. pls try and come.
jamy: thank you so much for inviting me.
member2000: so how can i hear from you? i hope you're happy being with me?
jamy: I don't know you. I'm sure you mean well.
member2000: certain, but my pic's are on? or because this is my first time being with you?
jamy: Yes, I can see your pic. You are nice looking.
member2000: so do you love me as i said?
jamy: Do I love you? Are you kidding? I do not love you. I am not coming to Ghana. I have to go.
member2000: why, just let me know because you're killing me with your charming face and words.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Grateful for: college trys.

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