Thursday, July 14, 2005

Shopping insanity

I'm not much of a shopper. I hate malls. I mostly get my clothes through catalogues. But I've gone a little crazy in Atlanta. First, the two skirts and a twin-set at Talbot's, on Tuesday. Then Wednesday, two pairs of hose and one pair of underwear (on sale) at Bloomingdales. And make-up: tinted moisturizer, powder blush (which I will never wear, but it looked so nice when she put it on me I couldn't resist), lipstick and lip-gloss. Then over to Macy's where there is a huge sale. I finally found the right kind of underwear and bought seven pairs and a bra that fit. Everything on big, big sale!!! I kept hunting around and ended up with three shirts. That's fine because most of my tops are 5-8 years old and I'm in danger of looking very out of style. I don't even want to know how much money I spent. Or maybe I do...about $375.00. Damn. Except for the make-up, which was overpriced, it was a very good deal.

I've been asked twice on this trip if I'm a student by women near my mother's age. Nice.

I shopped more tonight. I bought a pair of black pants, the one item that I actually wanted (not on sale) and a white pin-tuck shirt with a zipper. Sort of like a tuxedo shirt. I wasn't sure if it looked good, but I've wanted a shirt like this for years, it was on sale, so I bought it. I also found a bra at Saks Fifth Avenue for $16 (originally $52!!). The sale racks at Saks were sorted by designer, not by size, making it impossible to find anything. Even on sale, though, most of the stuff there was still fabulously expensive. I have never shopped this much in my life. I'm completely exhausted.

I won't shop like that again for years. It has to have been many, many years since I went on such a spending spree. For those of us who can afford it, retail therapy is a nice thing. Ah, to be young-ish and privileged.

Grateful for: end of season sales. Who knew?

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