Saturday, July 02, 2005


Today, I gave myself permission to do nothing. Nothing is relative, of course. So, while it's 1:09 pm and I'm still in my PJs, I have cooked breakfast, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the litter box and done the dishes. I haven't showered or left the house. I plan to do both of those things before the end of the day. (I continue to avoid the weeding.)

That is one reason I love summer--even if I laze around until 4 or 5, it will still be light when I get outside. I will be on the run tomorrow and Monday, so I don't feel too bad about today, though it's a little hard to get used to being so lazy. I think I will watch a dvd and eat a sandwich before I go out. I will venture out, find someplace to sit while I try and read a few more pages of the impossible Ulysses for book group.

Last night, Mom called. I almost didn't answer the phone. Most of our talk was fine. She didn't apologize--and neither did I--but I had sent a conciliatory email on Friday. I wrote, "Let's agree not to talk about guys anymore. However, if I am going to get married I promise to give you plenty of notice."

She asked what I was doing on the computer and I wouldn't tell her. She started guessing: playing a game? Writing a story? Recording something? No, no, no. I was commenting on a blog. But I wouldn't tell her. "Does it matter?" She asked if I had plans to play trivia again, "I don't want to talk to you about trivia." "You don't have to tell me about who is just sounds fun." "It is fun. We're supposed to go again in a couple of weeks." You better believe I didn't breath a word about my conversation with CC.

We talked about movies for a while. She'd just seen Batman and we both liked its dark brooding nature. I'd bought a bunch of dvds yesterday and I read the titles to her: Laura, The Americanization of Emily, The Palm Beach Story and Small Change. I don't buy dvds very often because I find once I own a movie, I never want to watch it. Strange. I 'm trying to get over that and buy movies that I know I want to watch more than once. Which means I'm buying movies that I've already seen several times. Which makes me feel a little dumb.

We got to talking about which of us had seen more movies. Logically, you'd think it was Mom, since she's older, but I said I wasn't sure (she'd only seen 3 out of 4 of the dvds I bought and only remembered two clearly). She said we could go through her Leonard Maltin book and try and figure out who had seen the most movies. "That could be our theme for future conversations. We could talk about the movies we'd both seen. We never argue about movies so that way we wouldn't fight." I laughed. "Maybe we could do that. Or I could tell you about this annoying work thing...." and I did.

I wasn't thrilled with her, but I was glad we didn't fight. We are almost back to normal, which is a relief. She's coming to visit (work trip) for a couple of days at the end of the month and I don't want to fight while she's here. Keep your fingers crossed.

Grateful for: getting along with Mom.

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