Sunday, July 10, 2005

A quick word

Talked to mom yesterday. She said, "I read what you wrote. You were right." That was surprising. "I don't know when we stopped talking about men--maybe it was during [vip-ex]. I just couldn't take it. I think it was me." That may have been when she stopped asking, but I didn't stop telling until several years later. "Can I suggest something? If you want to talk to me about men, we can put a time limit on it. I'll just listen for ten minutes and not say anything. And then we can move on to another topic." I thought that was a terrible idea, but I said, "Okay."

"We don't have to decide anything right now."


"I escalated didn't mean anything."

"I just thought the Netflix thing would be fun. I never had any other idea."

"I know." And then we proceeded to have pleasant chat, interrupted by the arrival of Pele (aka Princess).

Pele and I grilled some hot dogs, ate some salad and had ice cream while watching "Laura." It's such a good flick. I'm glad to own that one. We didn't go out to play pool, so I wasn't able to test the man-attracting power of the imaginary boyfriend, but we enjoyed chatting and watching tv until after midnight.

This morning I go up early for softball so I could make the first game of a double header. The softball guy (formerly My Future Husband) was there and he was still flirting with me. I think about 94% of it is that he's a very friendly guy. We lost, as usual, but my favorite ump was calling the game ((I catch, so I talk to all the umps) and he was disappointed when I left. "You can't go!" he called as I walked to my car. He's like a grumpy, funny grandpa.

I had to get home so I could pack, shower, eat some lunch and get to the airport ridiculously early. I hate flying. It's less than two hours to Atlanta, so I don't plan to drug myself. I need to get some reading done for class tomorrow. The instructions were, "read the first eight chapters in the textbook." The textbook is eight chapters long. It's easy reading and I'm about halfway through. I should be able to finish it up on the plane.

I have to assume that I won't be able to post every day next week. I don't even know if I'll have internet access. Then again, unless you care about housing development finance, I won't have much interesting to report--at least until Wednesday when I get to test the power of the imaginary boyfriend.

Grateful for: calming weekends.

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