Friday, July 22, 2005

Passive internet dating

You know how I'm not doing the on-line dating thing anymore, right? Well, I started doing it again but in the most passive way imaginable. I have a profile on the site-that-shall-remain-nameless (nameless site from now on) that I never de-activated. For the last week, I've logged on to the nameless site and let people see that I'm "on-line." And that's it. I haven't paid and there is no way to initiate contact on this site unless you pay. There is a free thing, but you have to have money in your account to use it. So, not actually free.

This week, three people have contacted me. One contact resulted in an aborted chat session (I responded to his message, but he didn't answer me), the second contact resulted in a rather long IM session (probably our only one, but it was fun) and the third contact resulted in this:

Poet: You have great eyes! Has anyone written a poem about you?

Jamy: Not to my knowledge. You are first to comment on eyes. Usually I get "great smile." Thanks.

Poet: I could say eyes too-wow-I could gaze into them forever! Are you very passionate and romantic?

Good God. Weird how he repeated the eyes line. Must be scared of my big strong teeth. And why would I want anyone gazing into my eyes forever? I have staring contests with the cat now and then, but it's not very romantic. And, the best part: am I very passionate and romantic? Because just being passionate and romantic wouldn't be enough. I must be very. How on earth would one answer such a question anyway? But if you were a poet, it would be just the question to ask because you are a very passionate and romantic artist. Right. Moving on. (No, I didn't just abruptly halt the chat--after starting it, he went off-line and I felt no need to continue via email.)

Remember Ethan? He called me yesterday. His timing was terrible--I only had five minutes to talk. He kept asking if I had allergies. "Why are you asking me that?" I said.

"You sound sniffley."

"I'm fine." Very annoying.

He said, "You don't have to talk to me, you know." I laughed. "Why are you laughing? Is it funny that I said that? It's true."

"I'm laughing because I know it's true. You don't have to tell me that."

He asked me out for Friday, but I'm busy (kickball happy hour with Pele! Followed by dash to movie).

And I'm busy Saturday: taking TR & family to airport, seeing little sister, picking up Mom at airport.

And I'm busy Sunday: playing softball in the morning, fighting with Mom the rest of the day.

And I'm busy Monday: because after that weekend, I don't want to hang out with Ethan.

And I'm busy Tuesday: pub trivia.

And I'm busy Wednesday: kickball!

I suggested Thursday and he had a bunch of reasons why that might not work for him. I said, "Why don't you call me early next week and we can see what your schedule is like." Yes, I'm just that smooth.

Have a great weekend everybody and have lots and lots of fun with your very passionate and very romantic selves.

Grateful for: busy weekends.

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