Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mike and me

I saw Mike on Wednesday night. We had dinner (he took me to a Thai restaurant without asking--a good choice) then went back to his house to say hi to his wife, Trina. It was fine. I was worried about nothing.

He doesn't seem like the happiest married guy in the world and they are about the least affectionate couple I've ever seen. Which makes me a little sad. But she doesn't hate me. She excluded herself from dinner because it would have been boring for her to listen Mike and me talk about the old days. Thank you Trina. But, what's funny is that Mike and I don't now, nor have we ever, talked about the old days. We do make passing references to events and people in the past, which I guess counts. I tell him the same number of stories about myself that I would tell anyone else. I've probably told him all of these stories before, he doesn't remember and neither do I. We mostly talk about work, politics, life in Atlanta, current events and his kids. Mike is not a sentimentalist and I don't need to be. I wish our lives weren't so disconnected.

Since my flight isn't until late on Friday, he suggested that we get together again on Friday afternoon. He wants to tour me around Atlanta a bit. I hoped that would happen and I'm very glad he suggested it.

There was no need for my imaginary boyfriend to make an appearance, but it was fun to create him. You never know when he may come in handy.

Grateful for: old friends.

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