Saturday, July 09, 2005

Crazy Alcoholic

I posted a new story over here. Some of you clever people found it already. I cannot tell you how much I hated writing this story. Still, there it is. It's about twice as long as the other one.

I have a really long semi-fictional piece that I worked on for about a year about my teenage years and my first super-duper hopeless crush. Should that go up too? That one I rather like and it was much more enjoyable to write. However, it doesn't feel finished. Nothing I write ever feels finished.

More history on the creation of "Crazy Alcoholic": it began as a combination of three entries in the RealLife™ Dating Guidelines: Parties, Certainty and Torture. I sure learned a lot from that short and ridiculous experience. Who knew he would turn out to be such great blog fodder?

I worked on the story for my hated writing class. It became a chronological narrative with the didactic elements are removed. It was painful to write. Once I got started I didn't have time to begin something else, so I gritted it out. I didn't hate the piece quite as much after I got positive feedback from my classmates, whose reactions were along the lines of, "I've been there," and "the pain is palpable."

It made me feel better. I felt foolish and stupid revealing all my poor choices and tolerance of bad boyfriend behavior. It was comforting to know that others have had similar experience, they didn't think any less of me for it and they could even understand the appeal of such notorious characters as the crazy, alcoholic boyfriend.

Grateful for: a sympathetic audience.

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