Saturday, June 04, 2005

Working (it)

Friday night: worked late, walked up to Capitol Hill to get a beer. Picked a bar at random and was chatted up by a guy ("Matt") who wanted to set me up with his friend ("Sean"). Found myself more interested in their third friend, "Fred." Left a few minutes after they did. Followed them as they were walking towards my house. Caught up with them. Was invited to tag along. Tagged along for the rest of the night. Spent many hours talking and drinking at Fado, which was ridiculously crowded and smoky. Spent most of my time talking to Fred. Fadó highlights:
  • Watching Matt run interference for Sean. Sean was digging a woman and her friend wouldn't leave them alone. Matt rushed in to distract her.
  • Went to buy a beer for Fred and told him about encountering a very drunk guy at the bar. Fred said, "Where is he? Show me. Let's find him." He started heading to the bar and I lead him to the guy. "That's him." "Are you going to talk to him?" "No, I don't want to talk to him." "Then why are we here?" We went back to our seats. He kept asking me whom I wanted to talk to. I said, "If you think I want to meet other guys, I'm not doing my job right." He didn't hear me. I repeated, "Why are you trying to pawn me off on other guys? Don't you like me?" "Sure I do." "Ok then."

Eventually, Sean left with his gal. Matt, the gal's friend, Fred and I left to go to another bar, but everything was closed except for the District Chophouse. Fred didn't want to go there and neither did I. We left Matt and the gal-friend.

Fred said, "Where should we go now?" I suggested a place near Union Station. We took the metro, but it was delayed and the bar was closed when we got there. He walked me home. We played Beatles records and sat far apart from each on the sofa. I made popcorn and he drank my last two beers. We started to fall asleep.

I liked this guy, but I wasn't getting a vibe from him. He had sad eyes and listened to my stories but he didn't talk much. I said, "You just don't seem interested."

"You need to get over your self-hatred problem."

"I don't have a problem! I just don't think that everyone likes me. It's fine. We can be friends."

"You don't think I like you? You've been saying that all night."

"I think you like me. I just don't think you're interested. But, I didn't want to say anything...I could be wrong and I can't tell you how you feel."

When I said he could crash at my place, he suggested that he sleep in my bed. "With me? I can stay out here." That wasn't what he had in mind. I wasn't worried about him getting fresh, but I realized I had been wrong about him not being interested. How could I miss it?

I said, "I was wrong."

"You are right about being wrong." We kissed a little. We held hands. We didn't sleep much.

I figure I'll see him again, but I'm not sure. We exchanged numbers. I like him, but I don't know if we're suited. I'm waiting for him to call and I really wish I weren't.

Grateful for: new boys.

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