Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Two by four guys

Two by four (2x4) guys are the ones you have to hit over the head with a 2x4 to get their attention. They are the ones floating along, totally clueless. They can't tell when you are flirting with them. They never ask anyone out. They may have a girlfriend, but it "just happened." He can't tell you how, exactly, they got together (but you better believe she can). These guys would never have a girlfriend unless the woman said to him, "You are going to be my boyfriend." The 2x4 response: "Who me? Oh. Ok." These are often great guys, but they are hard to wrangle. They don't play the game.

I'm afraid that Jay is a 2x4 a guy. Which puts the situation is a little out of my experience. I've liked 2x4 guys before, but never with any kind of certainty, so I've never pursued one. I prefer a guy to decide, on his own, if he wants to be my boyfriend. Of course, there's no forcing anyone to do anything, so there's no harm telling a guy he's your boyfriend (besides the risk of losing face). He can say no. I could be wrong about actually liking Jay, because I'm definitely seeing the trees and not the forest, but, for now, I like him.

What I can't be wrong about is that Jay is a 2x4 guy. I just have to go get him (and risk him saying no). And I have to cut out the middleperson (CC) and stay friends with her. The trick is to get Jay's number without asking CC questions or getting her involved.

I sent CC an email this morning, following up on pub trivia and not mentioning Jay. I reserve the option of sending a follow-up message or calling her. If she writes back today, I may do the email thing. We'll see.

Grateful for: taking action.

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