Tuesday, June 14, 2005


So tired. I need more sleep. I'm a little sad because I haven't gotten email from CC or Jay. I just sent email to CC but feel like a l-o-s-e-r for asking to be invited to the party. Know I'm blowing things out of proportion. Know I blew things out of proportion. Know I will feel much better tomorrow.

This is the email I sent to CC (with Princess's stamp of approval):

Hi [CC],

It was great fun meeting you, [Nick] and [Jay] on Thursday. I hope we can get together again--for pub trivia or whatever. I can't remember the last time I hit it off so well with a new group of people.


As much as I was hoping I wouldn't lose my mind over this, I did, just a little. Whenever things feel completely out of my control, I go a little nuts. I need to do something. Often I rest easier knowing there is nothing more I can do. I calm down, stop waiting and get on with my life.

If I never hear back from CC, there is nothing I can do. But waiting and hoping to hear from her (or Jay) would surely have driven me mad. It's not going to be easy "not waiting" to get a response, but at least it's out of my hands.

Also, my computer is in the shop again. This week, I'm in meetings all day, out of the office or actually need to work so there is no time for writing. I should have something for you tomorrow, though--a little story I've been working on.

Lord, I need some sleep.

Grateful for: sleeping soon.

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