Sunday, June 26, 2005


Pete (the cat) died last night. For the last couple of days, ever since Mom told me he was sick, I've been scared to answer the phone. She sent an email this morning, to me and a good friend of hers, to let us know that Pete was gone. He died in the night, quietly. She said, "The amount of control I had in the situation makes dealing with this death different from what we go through with loved persons. It is a lot of responsibility." I knew this was her struggle. She didn't want to decide to end Pete's life. She also didn't want his last moments to be at the vet's office. Wasn't it better to keep him at home? I think she did the right thing. I cried when I read the email. I'm going to miss Pete. The love he gave was completely unconditional and I returned it. He was a good, kind, loving creature and there aren't many like him in the world.

Grateful for: loving Pete.

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