Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Old boyfriend stories

I have some rather long stories that don't quite fit into this blog, so I've started a new blog where you can read them at your leisure. I can't say for certain if all of them will involve old boyfriends, but it's a good bet. The first one posted is about The Republican; a story I promised to tell a while back. I finished writing it over a week ago, but there never seemed to be the right time to post it. As a bonus, it will explain why I have burglar alarm. Yesterday was the last day of the writing class. I'm relieved, but the last three classes were rather enjoyable. We were in the "workshop" phase and we were reading and commenting on each other's work. There were some great and very interesting stories:

  • a woman having conversation about modern technology via IM with her mother in Brazil
  • a meet-cute in a laundry room leading to a proposal
  • an American public health worker finding a house in Zambia
  • a 13 year old girl plotting an escape to the US from Ethiopia
  • a 6 year old American girl living in Guatamala in the 1950's teaching her dolls English and Spanish
  • a Korean adoptee growing up in East St. Louis in the 1970's
  • a woman getting involved with a guy even though she knows he's trouble

Guess which one is mine. All of these were great (nonfiction) stories. My story went over rather well and I got helpful feedback. I'll get it up in a few days after making some final tweaks. I'll put the notice here if you are interested. I'll probably get something going over in the sidebar too.

Don't ask about work. I am being very productive.

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