Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My position

I need to slightly modify my statements about Jay. Instead of saying "I will marry this man" I'd rather say, "This is the kind of man I would marry." It's a lot closer to the truth. Meeting someone like Jay gives me hope, just as my brief stints dating The Republican and Jake did. There are men out there who I could be happy with--this is good to know.

My gut tells me this is something good. My gut has never been wrong.

I saw a lot of the things in Jay that I'm looking for in the person I will marry. He is funny. He is cute. He also has one of my all-time-favorite body types: tall and thin. (I'm flexible on body type, I'm very happy with medium height and solid.) Jay reminds me of a kinder version of a good friend (Spesh). He is perfectly honest and I liked his attitude about things. He seemed to like me too. But, I don't know him very well and he doesn't know me.

I feel pretty calm and good about the whole thing. That is helped in no small part by getting email from CC. Yesterday, I sent her an email. This is her response (it was actually dated 6:48pm Tuesday!):

Hey [Jamy] – great to meet you, too. We should definitely get together – I really need to get back to pub trivia – I haven’t been in a long time. It’s on Monday nights at 8pm – but we used to get there early to get a seat.

Next Monday is bad – but the following Monday the 27th would be a good day to get back in the habit. You available? If so I’ll check with [Nick] and [Jay] and other possible participants. I am certain that you will add significantly to our collective IQ.


My response:

Hi [CC]-- I am available on the 27th (next Monday is bad for me too). My office is relatively close to Fado, so I can get there early if we need to save seats. I have a friend who might want to join us, but her schedule is unpredictable. I'm not sure that I will add that much to the team, but an extra person can't hurt. :)

Look forward to seeing you.


It's good news, but patience is required and I am notoriously impatient. I want all the boyfriend stuff to start yesterday. Well, too bad for me, because that's not happening. I may be impatient, but I also have a very full schedule so there just isn't much time to sit and worry. Finally, I am trusting my gut, which tells me that things are going to work out fine.

While I might prefer to see them sooner, or be able to contact Jay directly, I'm not displeased with this scenario. I liked the whole group and I would love to be part of it. Group first, Jay second. It could work.

Grateful for: trusting my gut.

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