Monday, June 20, 2005

Lazy Monday

I had this idea that since on Mondays I never get anything done at work, I would use my otherwise unproductive hours to file some of the piles of papers collecting on my desk. Big surprise that by 4:16 pm I have filed not one single piece of paper. I did take care of some emails and start a memo moving through the finalization process, though.

I did not:

  • file
  • send a cd full of data to the contractor
  • type up notes on the survey instrument I'm reviewing
  • put a travel request into the system
  • ask my boss an important question.

I did:

  • write a blog post (not this one)
  • do blog housekeeping
  • read blogs
  • talk to my dad on the phone
  • eat lunch
  • promise myself to work harder tomorrow.

Actually, writing this is making me feel guilty. I think I'll go file something.

Grateful for: slow days at work.

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