Monday, May 09, 2005

The whole story

Sunday night I did not go dancing. I got home around 8:30, wrote, watched tv, called mom (Happy Mother's Day!), and went to sleep before midnight (early for me these days).

I forgot to mention that My Future Husband (MFH), was not at softball on Sunday. He has not fallen out of favor. I knew he wouldn’t be there, so I wasn’t disappointed. Expect more delightful tales of flirting after the next game.

This week is shaping up to be as crazy as the weekend. Avoiding all that housework is going to bite me in the ass because my brother (B1, from New Jersey) is coming on Thursday to spend two nights and I have to clean the house in anticipation of his arrival. He is in town for work, we'll have dinner Thursday night and that's it. Princess and I leave for one day at the beach on Friday. I have writing class tonight, I'm ushering for Arena Stage (high quality, live theater) on Wednesday. Tuesday is my only free night before B1 arrives. I'll start cleaning tonight, after class, and finish up on Tuesday. The weeding will have to wait, though. The weeding always waits. (I’m at class now and it will end early. More time for cleaning—lucky me.)

On Saturday, I went door-to-door asking people to sign a petition in favor of a "stable source of funding for Metro." (Metro is the joint bus-subway system for DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland.) It's something I'm interested in, but I'm not so crazy about the National Organization in charge of the event. My past organizing included lots of meetings, some writing, listening to speakers, going to marches, protests, demonstrations, handing out flyers, and asking for money from Student Congress. What I’ve never done is door knocking. I wasn't looking forward to it, but as long as we didn't ask for money I was willing to try. I also knew that whoever I was paired with would make a big difference. I hoped to be paired with "Stan" who I'd met at that mailing party long ago (he is mentioned in the very last paragraph) and who invited me to a committee meeting that led to the door knocking event. Whew. Stan is a good guy, friendly, smart and very considerate. I get a tiny vibe from him, but it seems to go off and on. I went to the committee meeting and tried to talk to him there. He didn’t slam the door in my face, but he wasn’t holding it wide open either.

But, I wasn’t paired with Stan, or even with another woman who might become a friend (Stan is good friend material too). I was paired with the worst possible person. “James” is so out of touch with the current century that he was wearing pleated jeans with a braided leather belt. He's a skinny guy and not bad looking and would be cute if he could just get that annoying personality sorted out. So annoying. He talks a lot, does a lot of good work for the committee, but he's thick headed and stubborn. He didn't remember any of the instructions from our half hour training, but we were paired because he has lots of experience doing this. Sigh. I was the competent one, which was no surprise. I managed not to snark at him and I rather enjoyed talking to the few people who were home. We should have split up and each covered one side of the street, but due to lack of communication skills on his part and lack of desire to communicate on my part, we stuck together the entire time.

Afterwards, the group was supposed to go to lunch together (free lunch!). This was my chance to talk to Stan, and the other, saner, members of the group, but I didn’t have time. I had to meet my "little sister" (from Big Brother/Big Sisters, not my actual sister. I’ve referred to her and her brother as the “Spanish kids”--a three year old of my acquaintance coined the term. They are recent immigrants from El Salvador and we speak almost entirely in Spanish.) because it had been two weeks since I’d seen her. I made it to her place by 2:30pm, which is why I ate a bag of Fritos for lunch. I would have eaten something else, but I made the mistake of reading the nutrition information and discovered that, at least by number of calories, the .99 cent bag of Fritos was my lunch. We went to the Zoo, because it was close and we only had two hours before she had to be home. It was fine.

There is a lot of work to do at work these days because I have a new project. Busy is good and makes me like work better, but it leaves less time for blogging at work. I’m having a tough time fitting everything in: writing, cleaning, socializing, working, blog reading, blog commenting. I’ve got to figure out how to organize my time and get more out of my waking hours. (I've got to stop complaining about not having enough time.) For the first time in my life I wish I didn’t need so much sleep! Is this me? They say change is good, but I hope I’m not rushing things.

Grateful for: change.

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