Friday, May 20, 2005


Thursday night, Princess and I went on a manhunt. It was successful in the sense that we met and talked to the man we were hunting. It was unsuccessful in the sense that we didn't find him attractive. I think he was digging Princess but she wasn't so sure. I'm actually pretty sure, but there are a whole lot of reasons why she won't follow up on it and I don't blame her. Mr. Wonderful wasn't really worth the trouble. However, the open house (it's one of those third Thursday deals) was fun and we talked to quite a few people. The couple who owns the place is super nice and friendly and Princess suggested going back just to hang with them. I'm all for that. It's a good scene and there is the potential to meet other people.

Earlier in the day, I blew a perfect flirting opportunity. I have these shy moments and they just kill me. Later, I see what I could have done to take advantage of the opportunity. On Thursdays, I usually go to the yoga class at the gym at work. Yesterday, I dragged myself down there and there was this guy. He came in late and was on the edge of the floor where I couldn't get a good look at him, but he was cute, shaved head, around my age and very muscular. Muscles are nice. After class we ended up on the same elevator. We stood there, sort of looking at each other, sort of smiling, but I was completely silent. We were almost at his floor when he said, "Do you take a lot of classes there?"

"Usually just yoga. But I tried the 'Core and More' the other day."

"Oh!" He seemed oddly delighted. "Core and More, how is that?"

"It's ok. It starts out with yoga stuff, but then it's all abs. It's really hard." I said.

"Oh, uh huh." He laughed nervously, smiled at me and then got out of the elevator since we were at his floor.

Definitely cute, definitely trying to talk to me. And I was definitely not helping him out. Where's the "my name is Jamy"? Or, "what office are you in?" But, no, I've got "core and more" and that's it. Maybe I'll see him again in yoga. He better come back to yoga. I promise to introduce myself if he does. Promise.

Grateful for: a cute guy at yoga.

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