Sunday, May 29, 2005

Chapel Hill weekend

Last weekend's highlights:

Final 30 minutes of train ride spent playing with a very directive and fun four year old (she was more than slightly above my level of play creativity).

Ride to CH with KJ and Frankie the dog.

Unexpected memories popping up when driving through town. I expected to be nostalgic but the things I remembered were just odd.

My favorite odd reminiscence: on the ride home from the wedding on Saturday night, the stretch of road reminded me of driving down that road without my glasses. I had just started dating this very shy guy. He became famous for getting sick at the end of nearly every date we had (not vomit-sick, more like nausea and vertigo). Sick guy was a Dukie (I know, I know--but he was there for grad school so we can give him a pass). We'd gone to a Bulls game for our second official date. I'd met him at his place and he drove us to the game. After the game, he invited me in. We were alone, away from his roommate, in the study looking at sick guy's photo album and talking. I waited for him to kiss me. He was a shy, skittish guy, and I just knew I had to wait for him to make the first move. I'm not much of one for making the first move under any circumstances, but the problem was that in order to look pretty for the date, I'd worn contacts. I was not able to tolerate contacts for very long in those days--my eyes got too dry. So, we're sitting in his place, ac going full blast, ceiling fan whirring along and I was dying. But I didn't want to rush things. Finally, I just took the contacts out, but I was pretty frustrated with him for taking so damn long. I went back to sick guy, he got the nerve to kiss my after resting his arm on my shoulders for at least an hour-- he was a good kisser at least. I allowed enough time for kissing so he knew I was interested, but I just had to get out of there. It was late, I was tired, and I had to drive home in the dark with no glasses. (I have a rule about spending the night under such circumstances, but I'll get to that later.) He asked if I was ok driving home and I told him it would be fine. I wasn't sure at all, but rules are rules. It was one of the most terrifying drives of my life. At least there were hardly any other cars on the road, but that stretch of road was very dark and I couldn't see a damn thing. I'm nearsighted and my night vision isn't so hot and it was all one big blur. I was squinting like crazy. I told KJ about the drive home and she said, "That's why I always keep a spare pair of glasses in the glove box." Aha! I put some of my old glasses in the glove box, but I never used them because I stopped wearing contacts after that.

The wedding was lots of fun. I ignored my DC friends and talked to strangers. I danced with a guy from El Salvador who asked for my number and was surprised when I gave it to him (he won't call me). I spoke lousy Spanish with him and he filled in with English when possible. (The groom was from Mexico and all of his friends were from Latin America.) Salsa-type music played all night and I had a great time.

Making about one minute of a three minute and twenty second movie on a Super8 camera with JenA. I was the star! We ran out of time...we both had weddings to go to.

Staying in JenA's incredibly small and beautifully organized basement apartment. She has transformed an unfriendly space into a warm and cozy home. She is moving soon, but she really made that place her own.

Having a blog reader buy me brunch (thanks Noelle!). First time I've met someone who only knows me through the blog (she is a friend of KJ's so we have an indirect connection). She summed it up, "I know all about you, but you know nothing about me." It was an odd feeling, especially since she seemed to think I actually know what I'm talking about. But, really, shouldn't the dating advice of a never-married 36 year old woman be taken with a grain of salt? Please apply salt liberally.

The drive home was slow and uneventful. I agreed to see Stars Wars (what ever episode we're currently on) with CN, but I think this will never happen. I'd like to see it with him because I need some of his enthusiasm to rub off on me, otherwise I'm afraid I won't enjoy it at all. Oh well. I'm happy that he has a girlfriend and that they are getting along so well, but I feel like I've lost my friend. I never see him. It makes me sad. I guess need a new movie buddy. Maybe I can find one of those on-line.

Grateful for: getting asked to dance at a wedding.

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