Monday, April 04, 2005

Play ball!

I won't make a big deal out of being sick, but I'm sitting home, watching re-runs and keeping a box of tissues company. It's not like I'm dying to get back to the office, but I was feeling pretty lame--out two days last week and at least one this week (so far). I always wonder if I'm really sick. Today there is no doubt, as the dwindling box of tissues will testify. The chills I'm experiencing also confirm it.

I just discovered something quite wonderful about being home today: Opening Day! That's right, I get to watch, on my lovely, slightly too small for watching sporting events, but quite adequate TV, the Nationals first official game. Let the baseball obsession begin! (There are many wrong things about baseball coming to DC--mostly that the plan to build a new stadium is appalling. But, this isn't a political blog, so you can read about that somewhere else.)

I love baseball. I have been a Mariners' fan since 1981. I will always be a Mariners' fan. I may also become a Nationals' fan. I already have tickets for all the inter-league games between the Mariners and the Nationals. It's a big change watching a NL team, but I can probably get used to it.

The game has started. Two men left on base, no score in the first inning. Looking to be a good game. The away uniforms are not terribly ugly. I hope the home unis are as nice and don't make the players look like they are wrapped up in a flag, 'cause you know what our colors are.

Grateful for: Opening Day!

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