Monday, April 11, 2005

My future husband

A couple of things...I'm working on the RealLife™ Dating Guidelines, but real life is a lot more complicated than the internet. It's taking me a bit of time to sort it all out. I'm not exactly sure what form they will take yet, but it will probably be a multi-parter.

I also have been formulating a personal plan for non-internet dating. The plan so far is simple: take part in at least one activity a week that presents an opportunity to meet new people. It could be anything, including going to a bar. Going to a coffee shop doesn't count, since I never, ever talk to anyone there. The movies don't count. My writing class, which starts on Monday, counts. My softball game, Sunday morning, counted.

That leads me to my next topic. Let me tell you a little story about softball....

I was seriously considering dropping softball this summer. I've played the last two summers and the people on my team were downright unfriendly. They started to warm up to me the second year, but they still didn't invite me to play with them in the fall. (The league has a long summer season and a short fall season.) I played with another team this fall and that captain invited me to join his summer team. I accepted. Since I'm playing on a new team, I wanted to meet them before I made up my mind because they might turn out to be a friendlier bunch. Who knows, maybe my future husband is on the team. I enjoy the game, but I'm also there to meet people. It's no fun playing with people who are not very willing to chat or otherwise hang out. Not to mention the suspicious looks I got from some of the wives and girlfriends. Relax, I'm not trying to steal your man.

Guess what happened? I met my future husband! (You know I'm joking, right?) My future husband gave me "the look" when we first met and shook hands. Everyone on this team made a point to say hello and introduce themselves, which was a refreshing change from my old summer team. My future husband found me and chatted with me a few times over the course of the game. He was subtle--would you expect any less from my future husband? Before I went up to bat for the first time, he joked with me that he'd heard I was a ringer. I said, "That's too much pressure!" Later on, after he grounded out to the pitcher, he sat by me again and asked if I could give him batting lessons. I asked if he'd seen me bat and told him I'd grounded out to the pitcher. Then I said he'd already gotten a lesson from me since he did exactly the same thing. I do have to say, he is a great fielder. We should never have anyone else in left. He's quick, knows how to judge the ball and has a good arm.

The other significant moment was when we discovered that we'd both played saxophone in band (elementary school for me, high school for him). This is why he is my future husband: he assumed I was a good ball player and still treated me as his playing equal even when proved otherwise. He didn't give me pointers or tips or tell me what I was doing wrong. He made an effort to talk to me (I reciprocated!). We both played the same band instrument. He's also probably Jewish, which, while unnecessary, doesn't hurt. He's not a droning or goofy idiot (one of each on the team, who both look to be single; strategic avoidance may be required). He's cute, a little on the skinny side, but just fine, and I think he's at least close to my age. (I saw many little gray hairs mixed in with his dark brown ones when he sat next to me--the kind of gray that's not visible from a distance--I found it quite adorable. I am getting old.) I like him. Of course he could turn out to be a horrible Republican or otherwise objectionable, but at least for now I can dream, can't I? It sure makes softball a lot more fun to look forward to!

I'll stick with the team for now. There's even an outing to the batting cages on Wednesday. That's how friendly they are! (And how poorly we batted. Very, very sad.) I'm excited--I've never been. Guess who is also going to be there? (Probably, I hope.) Hee. This is pure silliness, but good clean fun.

Grateful for: softball, for once.

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