Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm a Tar Heel born...


Nice try Fighting Illini, but you just didn't have a prayer against Williams, May and Felton. May and Felton--you took my breath away.

The last time they won the national championship, it was during my first year living in Chapel Hill. I went out on Franklin Street. It was completely insane. I remember seeing guys up in the trees, toilet paper and a lot of (Carolina) blue paint. I still have the coat I wore that night and there is a little splotch of blue paint on it. A couple of years later I was on the bus in CH and a woman who appeared to be in her 40's looked intently at my coat, smiled at me and said, "You were out on Franklin Street?" We both knew what she was talking about. Chapel Hill is just that kind of town.

How did I come to be on Franklin Street? I had this NC boyfriend. We watched the game at his place. As soon as it ended, he wanted to go "uptown" (aka Franklin Street). He was excited and I agreed, even though I knew I didn't do well in that kind of crowd. We found an illegal parking space and I told him to go ahead, I would wait in the car for him. He sulked (he was good at that) and said we could go home. I finally agreed to go, but I had to convince him that I really wanted to go first. I gotta tell you, that boyfriend was a lot of work.

We get out on Franklin and it's just crazy. So many people that you can't move without brushing against someone. The bf walks ahead of me and I hang on to the back of his shirt so we won't get separated. Everyone he meets he yells at, "We're number one!" Or something to that effect. I mostly smile and say hey or just nod. I may have screamed, but I don't recall. We see a surprising number of people we know, but they are mostly other members of the rowing team (that's how NC bf and I met). I am coming down with a serious case of claustrophobia, but I just look down and focus on the back of the bf and when we make to the end of the block, he has had enough and we can go home. But I can always say I was there in '93, despite my best efforts not to be!

KJ--I don't know how you stood it--good for you!

Also, I am feeling much better today. I stayed home, but took a short walk this afternoon to check out another new coffee/sandwich shop and get a cookie. The walk was tiring but the sun did me good. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I think it will be fine.

Grateful for: Tar Heels and sunshine.

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