Saturday, April 02, 2005

I feel pretty

DrG called today. Is he nuts? The answer is yes! Why did he call? He wanted to congratulate me on my team making to the final four. Yet he didn't really know when the games were or who was playing. He didn't come right out and ask me if I wanted to watch the games with him, but he mentioned something about the people in his apartment complex doing something. Did I mention that on our date he talked quite a bit about his apartment complex and how they had lots of activities? He even named some of them: movie night, aerobics night, etc. What is he, 85? The place sounds like a senior center! Actually, I wouldn't mind that. The real problem is that he lives in Falls Church. Too far! No, wait, the real problem is that I can't stand him. Finally, he asked was I was doing for the games and I said I was watching at a friend's house. That's right, I lied. Too bad. He wanted to keep chatting (I think) and I begged off, saying I was going out with a friend and he was there and I had to run. That was true! If he ever directly asks me out again, I'm going to have a problem, but I'll deal with that when I have to.

Where did I have to run? Well, I'd gotten email from my environmental lawyer yesterday and we discussed going to the Kite Festival with his nephew, who he is babysitting this weekend. The Kite Festival was cancelled due to rain but we went to lunch together instead. I could have stayed with them and seen a museum or gone to a movie (and the nephew, 4years old, was adorable), but I was really beat and not loving the lawyer. The idea of lazing on my couch and not even leaving to watch basketball was feeling very, very appealing. So, lawyer dropped me home, and that's where I am. I swear he's gay. He seems very, very gay.

The phone rings. It's a fellow (Softy) from the site-that-shall-remain-nameless. In the last message I'd sent Softy I'd told him I'd call him and I'd given him my number. I didn't call him and he didn't call me. I figured that was that. Our conversation today was fine, but not inspiring. He said he would call me again, but didn't suggest getting together. I didn't suggest it either. He said he would call me--again. I don't think he will, but you never know.

It's flattering, I have to admit. Mark resigns, and in the next couple of days, I have three other guys showing interest. That's not bad. I shouldn't complain. But, let me complain just for a moment. Why, why, why are the only guys pursuing me so not interesting? And why, why, why is the only one who was even slightly interesting (yes, more than slightly) so quick to get out? What is this all about? I'm glad of the attention, but these guys aren't even much fun to hang out with--it's not even like I can use them for attention--there's not even enough in it for me to take advantage of them! That's enough. I'm done complaining. I'll get back to being grateful.

Grateful for: attention.

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