Monday, April 18, 2005


Are these guestbook things really obnoxious? I'm curious about who is reading the blog, how you found it, and what you think. Do you like the long stories? The dating guidelines? Is rambling about any old thing fine or is the dating related stuff what you really want to read?

I really appreciate all the comments. I love the comments. However, maybe you don’t want to comment on a specific post, but would still like to say hi: the guestbook is for you! It’s also a nice way to pass the linky-links around.

You don't need to leave a real name or email address if you don't want to (though it is required to enter something)--and you don't need to sign at all--but it would be swell if you did. I've changed the guestbook server to a much simpler and completely ad-free one, so if that was bugging you, rest assured no nasty little pop-up ad is going to get in your face. (Those of you who signed the old book--I cut and pasted your comments into the new book--hope you don't mind!)

The link is over there on the left, under the very uninformative profile. Go ahead and make my day by clicking.

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