Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blog housekeeping

  1. Thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook. I suppose people who hate the blog won't bother, but I really appreciate the time you have taken to say all those nice things. It's embarrassing, but I love it! Bring on the praise, I can take it.

  2. My lovely blog friend, NML, tagged me with a "meme." I've heard about these things but didn't understand how they worked. This meme requires that I compose a nasty little poem. I am flattered to be included, but I just can't do it. I have a problem with certain types of crude language and I can't stand the words required for this particular task. I'd give you examples, but, well, you know, I can't. Obviously, I have no problem swearing like a sailor at times, but this is one line I prefer not to cross. However, I did discover the origin of this particular meme, which is amusing.

  3. You may not have noticed, but on April 18, the visits to my site tripled because I was linked to by dcsob. A few people who found me that way must have stuck aroud because, while there has been a gradual drop off since the 18th, the daily visitor count is higher than before. It's absolutely great to have more readers, but it's a little scary to think that they might recognize me.

  4. A new blog friend appears to be taking the RealLife™ Dating Guidelines seriously. That is scary. Princess and KJ suggested that I post a disclaimer. Like this: not responsible for the accuracy or eventual outcome of this advice. (Maybe they can write it for me.) Let's hope the guidelines work for the Dating Hell Diarist!

  5. I'm trying to get back into my rhythm. I lose a lot of productive time when I go away for more than one or two days. Back when I was writing my dissertation it was a real problem. One week out of town might mean I would lose a month of work. But, that was because I didn't enjoy working on the dissertation. As much as I liked my topic, I hated the process. Parts of it were enjoyable, but the writing was always painful. Yet, now, with this completely optional project, where the only commitment is to myself, I have no problem working on it. (I know that you, dear readers, are counting on me, but if I stop, nothing will happen. You'd be sad, but you'd get over it.) While I was in NJ I wrote every day for at least an hour. Right. And I could have spent more time writing. A lot of what I wrote was crap and will never see the light of blog, but I don't think that's the point. The point is that I kept my promise to myself. The thought of not writing made me anxious.

  6. Did I want to share this new source of contentment and satisfaction with my family? Sure, but I felt no urgency to tell them. They didn't ask so I didn't tell and that was for the best. The time when I will tell my mother something (I have to figure out what) is coming soon. She was my first reader and my first editor. Mom is unflinchingly honest, but really like my writing. She can tell me what works and what doesn't and I trust her judgment. I want approval, but I want truth just as much. It's tough for a critic who loves me. Anyway, I don't want Mom as a reader because of the constraints it might (would?) place on my writing, but I sort of want to tell her that I am writing and how happy it makes me. I like to think she would be pleased. I am also afraid that she would be hurt if I asked her not to read the blog. She is sensitive, and I don't want to hurt her feelings. I'm sure she'd agree not to read, but it might be a big mess and I don't want to deal with it. I guess I'll take some of my own advice: I won't tell her for as long as I can stand to not tell her. When I have to tell her, I will.

Grateful for: writing.

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