Thursday, March 17, 2005

On the train to NY

I'm on the train now, heading to NY. All day long I've been looking forward to this train ride, the uninterrupted time to write, read and relax. Of course, I could have this time in my house almost every night, but the TV is there. Here, no TV and people. People are key. These days, I find I don't pay that much attention to the TV, but I crave the background noise. That's why TV is my friend. I do try and concentrate on the shows I like, but so often I get distracted with the computer. Maybe the computer is my friend too. It's even a better friend, because it can go with me everywhere :) It's really a shame there's no WiFi on the train. That would rock. I'm betting I can steal a little somewhere along the way, though. We'll see.

Even though the reasons for this trip are not happy, it's still good to travel and I'm looking forward to seeing the family.

(I'm totally stealing WiFi, but it's not working. Oh well.)

Last night I spoke to a new JDate(c) guy, DrG. DrG has a PhD in computer science. We've been emailing a little and he gave me his number. I then gave him my number and he left me a message. When I returned his call, he answered, "Great, it's you!" with obvious delight. I was bemused.

(Actually, it's not WiFi, it's someone else's computer! That doesn't do me any good, dammit.)

DrG was very eager and talked quickly. He asked questions, "What are your three favorite things to do in DC?" and didn't wait for answers. Then again, when I went on at length about exactly what I do at work, he listened least for a while. Before I finished, he said, "See, this is the stuff that no one knows about! Not even me." I said, "I didn't know about it either before I started working there."

That interruption didn't bother me so much because I was afraid I was getting boring anyway. One of my greatest fears: boring people. Do all big talkers have this fear? I wonder. He also started paying me quite lavish compliments about how great my profile was and how he could tell I would be great to hang out with and it wouldn't matter where we were or what we were doing. "Like, "he said, "we could just be sitting on the couch and I could have my head in your lap, how would you feel about that?" I said, "There might be a cat there." (It was not intended as double entendre and it was not taken that way. Thank God.)

See, I don't really get the attraction of having his head in my lap. I can actually only remember this happening one time and it was a bittersweet, but endearing, situation with an ex-boyfriend. I'm not saying never, but, you know, it's not my fantasy. I do like the idea of sitting cuddled up on the couch together--Jake and I did a few times and it felt good, but I was fully leaning against him and he had his arms around me. That's my fantasy. (Could it be that I will always associate head-in-lap with that long ago boy? I wonder.)

DrG had to get off the phone and asked if he could call the next day. I said no. He said "Aww." I said, "You can call me, I just can't promise to be available to talk." What with the FUNERAL and all. We ended by making a tentative plan to do something on Saturday night if I get home in time. He said, "We could just sit on the couch and watch a movie at your place." I said, "No, we can't do that. Not for the first meeting. You know very well we can't." He backpedaled. So boring, I can't even write it!

Look, this is the thing. How can a complete stranger from the internet even think it's reasonable to suggest a first date at someone's house? Damn. I know he was all, "I feel like I know you" (no, he didn't go so far as to say it). Please, give a girl some breathing room. And this is the other thing, maybe he's not, but just from talking to him, from the sound of his voice, I could swear he was gay. Obviously, secretly gay, but gay nevertheless. Well, I may still meet him, but under very controlled circumstances.

I put a couple of JDate feelers out there, taking advantage of my last few days of fully paid membership. A fellow from Philadelphia IMd me and we had a really nice chat, but I don't really see the point. I even asked him about it and he said he really liked my smile, "it jumped out at him." He goes to Baltimore a lot so it feels like his neighborhood. I gotta say, Philly is doable, but it's just no way to start a relationship. Well, it can't hurt to email him, so we'll just have to see. Never heard from UP again (one with the parental profession). Too bad, he was a cutie.

Some day I will make good on my resolution to go out more, but, for now, I am content.

Grateful for: long train rides (under any circumstances).

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