Saturday, March 19, 2005

On the train to DC

On the train, heading home, 6:30 on Saturday. The weekend…well, I guess it's not completely over.

First, thanks so much to SS & DD for your very kind and supportive comments. I think my inspiration for the blog had something to do with Walter, something to do with reading one blog in particular. My dating push that started in December was definitely inspired by Walter. Because the blog and the dating met, Walter is certainly partially to thank. Now, he was not alone--he was in a relationship with the same woman for something like 40 years. He was married, had four children and two grandchildren (all of whom were at the funeral--including the ex-wife). He left his wife for FG, who is now over 80 and a very close friend of the family. Walter and FG lived in the same building, in two separate apartments, two floors apart, for at least thirty years. Except that FG actually broke up with Walter about a year ago, in many ways they were my ideal relationship. Together, but separate. I worry about living with someone else--if it would drive me crazy--but Walter and FG seemed to have something that worked. They took mountains of vitamins, had a running scrabble game (I played with them once--it was embarrassing), and still went dancing and spent weekends in the country. FG continued to take care of Walter, cook for him, etc. after the break up. She was the principle mourner. But, maybe his harangue had something to do with that situation. It's hard to say.

I figured I was going to the funeral with my father and my brother, but Dad actually left on Friday and I went with my brother, S. S left after the burial and I went to the luncheon afterwards by myself. I sat next to FG at her invitation. She seemed touched that I was there. That's why I was there--for Walter's family, which included FG. This is so depressing. But, the food was fantastic. We all ate well.

I spent the evening with S & the kids. Sister-in-law had gone away for the weekend with the baby. Today, more me, S & girls. Not a bad day, but a little too much fuss-fussing.

I am exhausted. Tomorrow, I see my "little sister." Another restful afternoon of trying to make myself understood. I am looking forward to seeing her. Maybe she will have magically learned English in the interim :)

Dating news: two contacts from the site-that-shall-remain-nameless. Email from the JDate© chatter from Philly. Call from DrG. DrG is altogether too enthusiastic. He's already decided, not just that he likes me, but that we will have a great time together. I said, "Lower your expectations." I have a bad feeling about it. I really need to take a step back and give him a chance. Give him a chance not to like me and give me a chance to like him. Ah, the perversion continues….

Grateful for: kind blogging friends.

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