Friday, March 25, 2005


What did we talk about? Everything. Bad date stories, but told in a humorous and charming manner. Stories about inappropriate reactions to bad date stories. Religion. How smart kids are. A whole bunch about my childhood and lots about his. More on dating. Made sure to be quiet and when I was, he talked. Some political ranting. He declined to diss GWB because he didn't want to ruin my night. So, mostly agreeing and seeing eye to eye on some pretty serious stuff. Him trying to sort out the complicated timeline of my dating life (don't worry, I didn't really tell him too much--some passing references to vip-ex, Stupid Greg, Jake). No meta at all, thank goodness. Just great, straight ahead conversing. Well, maybe there is some meta when in your second conversation with a guy who you like, but you haven't met (!), you make it clear that you want your kids to be Jewish, and it's stated (by him) that such things tend to work out. And it's mentioned that while he was raised Catholic, he's not all that religious but is glad that his parents raised him with religion. And he volunteers that he thinks kids are smart and intuitive and figure out how to get what they need no matter what. So, maybe a little, but nice and subtle--the way the meta should be, baby! (Actually, this is a totally different kind of meta--the right kind, the establishing kind.) And, I don't even want to tell you how long we were on the phone. (Over two hours.) I mean, I can do two hours standing on my head, but there were not even any noises about how long it was or how late it was getting. (I made one such noise and it was ignored.) It ended when he got another call--at 12:30. He used it as his exit, confirmed our plans (yes, plans!) and I said, "You have people calling you at this time of night?" He said, "I have a sister in California who thinks I'm a night owl [wonder why?] even though I'm not, really." I chuckled and we got off the phone.

I won't be surprised if he doesn't call again because this is dangerous. It takes up way too much time and it raises expectations much, much, much too high. And yet, I don't feel particularly hopeful or particularly anything. I feel...content. I mean, it was a great conversation. But I don't feel nervous or full of butterflies. I really don't know what will happen and I don't care. I liked what he had to say and it was so easy to talk to him. I loved the way he listened to me. He really paid attention to what I was saying, he was really interested and not faking it and then he had plenty of things to say and contribute. But NOT argumentative or challenging or aggressive or anything bad. Nothing too personal, no obnoxious questions and no awkward pauses. While I did tell a lot of personal stuff (I always do) I didn't cross any lines--I have no discomfort about anything I said. In a way, it was like a first date on the phone. I think it was, actually. And I was thinking he might not call. And, I'm just crazy about the sound of his voice. I found listening to him even more enjoyable because of that. We have plans for Sunday evening. I am looking forward to seeing him in person. It should be fun. Will it be love at first sight? Probably not. Will it "work out"? Probably not. Will we have a good time and a good conversation? Yes, most definitely yes.

Will DrG send more email? I don't know, but I didn't write back, so probably not.

Will PP send more email? See above.

Will Mark call? Yes (see above).

Will I see my lawyer for a friendly group activity? Quite possibly.

Do I feel smugly popular right about now? Yes indeedy I do.

Should I be sleeping right now instead of writing? Um. Yes.

Grateful for: smug contentment, while it lasts.

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