Monday, March 14, 2005

Just a blah date

I'm waiting to meet MO at Starbuck's. I was very surprised when he IM'd me last night. I'd even taken him off my "buddy" list, but there he was, starting a conversation with me. I answered and we had a long talk about politics. Then he asked when were we going to have that cup of coffee. We decided on today. So, I'm here waiting. He's late. Do I call him? Given that I doubt we can even be friends, do I care if he's a no-show? Not really. I could just sit here and read or I could run across the street and see what DVDs they have in stock. He's probably at the wrong Starbuck's. Ah, he just called. He's stuck in traffic.

He was, technically, 40 minutes late. Since I was 15 minutes late, it was no big deal. He did keep calling, updating me on his progress. "Looking for parking now." If I liked him, I might care, but really, it's just annoying.

He arrives, gets some tea (kosher, I guess) and sits down. He is short, not fat, but soft around the edges. Crew-cut short salt and pepper hair. Knit yarmulke. Yellow bow tie, blue blazer, khaki plants, blue and white striped shirt. Boy, did he look like a Republican. (Last night he said he was switching to Independent.) The conversation was a lot about religion, which was interesting. He was not preachy. I complained about my zealously religious brother. He was sympathetic. He asked what I did and conflated sociology with social work, a very common mistake. He didn't bother to give me a chance to explain the difference. He didn't seem very interested in my work--he didn't ask any follow-up questions. He was a bit dismissive of the whole sociology thing--what's up with these computer guys, these "system analysts," "system architects" who think they are better than the rest of us? What the hell is a system architect anyway? I asked, but he didn't explain (well). Just spoke as though I knew all about it. I guess that's better than talking to me as if I were a five year old.

He asked me about my luck on JDate©. Why do these fellows always want to talk about this? I never bring it up. At this point MO told me that he was just fine and happy and not really looking. Right after he told me he wouldn't mind having more kids. Whatever. He wanted to give me a ride home but I'd already made it clear I didn't need a ride. I didn't get one. I don't need to see him again.

On a happier note, I got a return email from a fellow I didn't expect to hear from again. He even went to the trouble of reading my profile to ask me specific questions. (This is the guy with the same profession as my parents--I'll call him UP.) I wrote back and gave him my regular email address and my number, but I haven't heard back yet. Oh well.

I keep thinking JDate is over, and it keeps coming. Just five more days and I'm out of there.

MO just emailed me on JDate. Scary. Oh, ok, he says stay in touch when I can. That's good. I'm glad he gets that we're not suited.

Grateful for: not having to let MO down easy.

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