Friday, March 25, 2005

I said something funny

Talking to Mark last night, I told him that I'd meet Jake via JDate. Mark said that it still counted as a success for online dating because the relationship got off the ground. What happened next was just the relationship, not the fault of the online meeting (and I quite agree with him). But his "off the ground" comment got me thinking...

Jamy: What was the space shuttle that blew up right after lift-off?

Mark: The Challenger? [chuckles]

Jamy: Yeah, that's what our relationship was like. It got off the ground...

Mark: But didn't get very far? Did you see the Aviator? It's like the Spruce Goose--it worked, but only flew for a couple of seconds.

Jamy: But that was expected. Nobody was surprised that the Spruce Goose didn't fly very far. This was different--you know, a complete surprise. It just burst into flames. Except that there were no casualties, so it's wasn't that bad. Mostly just shocking.

I wonder if all relationships could be compared to a disaster (human-made or otherwise)? Titanic anyone? Great Chicago Fire? Mt. Saint Helens?

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