Friday, March 11, 2005

Hold on

Thanks to my virtual and Real Life™ friends for the encouraging words about yesterday's mess. Today, I feel calm and even cheerful. Going to Spanish class last night was very tough, though. I was completely drained by all the virtual fighting with hun. Luckily, I'd done my homework and I was able to hang in. Unfortunately, I had a much harder time than usual following the instructor's Spanish. Can't win 'em all.

Today, I contacted two companies that do landscaping to get estimates. It made me feel better. Months ago I'd gotten the ok from the condo association to get estimates. Now, I'm actually doing it. They may never agree to pay for this work, but at least we'll know where we stand.

I also got two JDate© responses. One was to an email I sent. He is in the same profession as both of my parents, which I mentioned in my email and by which he was appropriately amused. For what ever reason his reply inspired a longer and chattier response from me (but not too long or too chatty). I'm not sure he'll write back, but that's fine.

The other email was from a guy with a Ph.D. who said he could install a burglar alarm for me. Kind of sweet, definitely unnecessary (I have an alarm already), but the right idea. I will have muster the energy to write to him. Maybe...later.

I did get a call from a Jdate© guy the other day and I didn't take it. I should call him back, but I don’t feel like it. Oddly, I have an insider source who says he’s not a good guy. That, and my lack of enthusiasm, will probably prevent me from ever returning his call. Oh well.

WB is history and I haven't heard from MO either, which is fine by me. Much more relaxing this way. Time to delete WB's email folder. I start folders with ease. Once I get more than three or four emails from someone, I start archiving. I'm something of an archiving fool. I have most of my grade school report cards. In a manila folder. In a filing cabinet. I have copies of (almost) every letter I've ever written and every letter, card, note I've ever received. It pained me to throw away all the rough drafts of my master's thesis. I have many of my college papers and all my journals since childhood. It's not quite as inclusive as it sounds--things have gotten lost in moves, letters and cards from people I don't remember have been purged, but there is a pretty complete record.

Is it any wonder I save all my email? I try and dump all the planning messages and the trivial stuff. But when I have interesting, lengthy exchanges with friends and I save all those. All correspondence with boyfriends is saved. But, that's funny. When I broke up with Jake, I deleted his folder in less than a week. I still haven't regretted it. So, like I said, it's time to trash WB.

Grateful for: being able to figure out what is worth saving.

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  1. I am quite the pack rat myself. However, numerous inter-state moves have forced me to lighten my load a little bit more, so for better or worse, I now travel light.

    PS. Blogger wasn't behaving well recently so I couldn't comment on your earlier post. Sounds like you've got a handle on things. I think getting those estimates was the best thing to do.


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