Sunday, March 20, 2005


The only thing I can think about right now is what to have for dinner. I can't believe I'm hungry again after I had such an enormous lunch. I seem to be hungry all the time these days--what can you do?

Some of you may have read about my unpleasant interactions with the other owners in my four unit condo building. We had come to a peaceful understanding by the end of last week, but I still wasn't sure anyone was going to take any action. Because we'd kissed and made up I asked hun to watch my cat this weekend, which she happily agreed to do. When I got home, I found this email from hun to all of us:
A few items we have let fall off the radar need to be addressed. Jamy did a great job in the back but we all need to start doing things every week.

The stairs can be dusted and mopped and the rugs vacuumed.
The garbage in the alley/driveway picked up every few days.
Weed the back area (if we do it weekly it will not be a big job)
Pick up random trash out front and on sidewalk.

Everyone has got to pitch in and help. I'll pick up the alley and back garbage either today or tomorrow. (I have rubber gloves if anyone needs them).

We can have a meeting in the near future to decide the landscape issues, but in the meantime, we have all got to start contributing to upkeep. It will be easier now that the weather will be warmer. I do know that the winds tend to be stronger February - April and the trash blows down the alley and right into our parking lot corner so we will need to make an strong effort for a few months. It isn't as bad in the Summer. And, we hope the neighbors being "moved out" will help too.

I called the Housing Authority (XXX-XXXX) about the garbage behind XXX - feel free to call as well. I have made several attempts to get that picked up.

Thanks for all your help. I will be there tomorrow to let Orkin in if you need me to open your door - let me know.


All I can say is, un-fucking-believable. Isn't this what I'd been saying all along? Yet, it is so important that it come from someone other than me. Well, maybe all my ranting and raving paid off in the end. We have yet to see how this situation will be ultimately resolved, but I feel much less alone and that is very good.

I spent a good amount of time watching college basketball, speaking Spanish and playing video games. These video games were all sports-oriented, required some skill and some physical exertion. Quite a lot of fun, actually.

Grateful for: March Madness! Fun stuff.


  1. is the coordination between the neighbors an example of urban planning?

  2. The March excitement here is palpable - after the NC State game today I stepped on the back porch to see if I could hear any shouting or hooting and hollering but I guess everyone was at the bar watching the game.

    At this point I don't care if UNC or State win their next matchup, as long as one of them wins and takes it ALL THE WAY. Oh yeah, and Duke sucks. :)



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