Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gimme a break

I seriously need a break from JDate©. It’s become almost unbearable to read every word of the profiles. Sometimes a little voice in my head says, “blah, blah, blah.” I hate that phrase, actually. It’s just meaningless filler. I’m afraid that is what most of these profiles are too, though. I’m just looking for something different, something a little off-kilter, unique. A little spark of life, a glimmer of intelligence. It’s quite possible that the authors of some of these less than vivid profiles are fun, smart and articulate in Real Life™. Not everyone is a great, or even a good, writer and it doesn’t mean you are dumb as a post. When was the last time I required an essay before going out with someone I met at a bar or through friends? Never, that’s when. Now, if the guy is selling himself as a writer and he is a bad writer, that’s a knock. Otherwise, I try to read between the lines. I’ve complained about this before, haven’t I? I so need a break. But I’m all paid up until March 20. I really hate to waste money!! Sigh. I need not to get all judgmental and annoyed. Amused, not annoyed. Try to be amused. In a kind, non-dismissive way. Let me share with you, though, this list of recent JDate© crimes:
  • A 700 word email in response to my 50 word one. In that whole 700 words he did not answer the one simple question I asked.
  • A one word email (not a missed IM message, an email). The word? “Hi.” Plus, the sender was from Michigan.
  • Guys whose preferred age range stops one year below their age. C’mon—you really wouldn’t date someone your own age? Or one year older? Really?

Maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed today. I awoke with a stiff neck for no explicable reason. I was also reminded why my cat does not sleep with me. It was very chilly last night and I let her sneak under the covers with me around 11:30 pm. She curled up at my feet and we both drifted off. Then, I felt some playful scuffling and scratching. As though my legs were in her space and I better move them! She got out from under the covers and left the room. I made sure all entry points were secured. It was 1:25 am. Grateful for: Advil. I'm taking three right now.


  1. tonguemountain misses her...

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  3. Well that was a fun comment.

    As far as wasting money - just think - if you take a break from JDate you won't spend money on coffee or beer or dinner or lunch. Or therapy, perhaps, if things get that frustrating. :)



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