Saturday, March 26, 2005

A day (or two or twenty eight) late

On March 25, I got this email:

Sorry for the delay but coffee would be great, I have been very busy lately but hope we can get together soon. Regards, E

It was in response to this message, which I sent on February 25, after we spent a little time IMing on JDate©:

Ok, a real email. It will be short, because I'm really trying to grind through this work today. Something I should have finished a week or more ago, but the more I get into it, the more work there is. It's like peeling an onion, I tell ya.

I liked that you said you like adventures. I've been on a few this year and I'm so glad I went. I went to Peru for 2.5 weeks in April, on my own, and it was great fun and very interesting. I took a trip to the Grand Canyon and other parks this summer with my best friend. I try and explore around DC when I get the chance--it's easier sometimes to go on vacation, though, funny how that works.

From field geologist to lawyer--that is quite a long distance. How did you get there?

I'm guessing your name is E. I'm Jamy. Coffee sometime would be great.

I opened his email, completely surprised (and sleep deprived, but that’s another story) and my initial reaction was, 'you’ve got to be kidding.'

I forwarded the message to HP for her take. She said:

Um, hello. A one liner after 3 weeks? Is he joking? There isn't even a, I was traveling, had friends in town, then was sick excuse. And if you all were just chatting, not arranging a DATE the delay would be okay. I think you can write a note that says, "you've got to be kidding" if it is relatively nice. Think of it as instructive, because he is clearly clueless. And somewhat pathetic. But not worth starting anything with.

Um, sorry HP, but it’s actually been 4 weeks. I think she has his number, though. I could not figure out any nice way to say “you’ve got to be kidding.” It all came out smart-ass and snarky. Like, “You realize it’s been a month since I wrote you, right? I wasn’t offended that you didn’t write back, maybe a little disappointed, but it’s not like I’ve been waiting around to hear from you. I’m surprised you even remember who I am. You do remember, don’t you?” Hmm, maybe snarky with just a touch of pathetic. I’m not sending that. Maybe I’ll just wait another 4 weeks to write back. This is where my new “don’t respond to the email of people you don’t want to talk to” policy comes in handy. I should really thank him, though. Blog fodder like this doesn’t grow on trees!

Grateful for: silly boys who provide me with funny stories.

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