Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sleepy Saturday

I have to say that what is going on this weekend is almost unutterably boring, but not unpleasant. I do have a date scheduled for Monday, though: an early coffee thing with a new Jdate© guy. He seems interesting, but our brief phone conversation today was less than inspiring. His back-story is very cool, though. He's a science/music guy who became an activist and now runs a nonprofit advocacy group. It's a cause I really believe in and it makes me want to like him. (Sorry, I'm not going to name the issue because I'm afraid that might make him less than anonymous.) He shall be called "advocacy/activist guy" or AG for short. Ah, gotta love those pithy nicknames.

What else? ISC sent me emails Friday, but did not call Thursday night as promised. I'm not sure what's doing there, but the email with him is interesting and funny. I think it would be fun to meet him, though it doesn't feel romantic. I'm tempted to call him and set that in motion. I might actually do it if I weren't so darn busy.

Today was ridiculous. I managed to sleep in which was really nice. I got up and started in on the bills and filing and laundry (continued from last night). I got through all of it and even balanced my account and the condo accounts, but it took hours. I still haven't started on the taxes--that's going to have to wait a couple of weeks. Then I needed to eat lunch, watch some boring taped tv, take a shower and get myself out of the house for coffee (where I am now). I got zero done on cleaning, which was supposed to start today. I figure, clean now, and I won't have to clean again next weekend in preparation for the party. I might need to vacuum the couch for cat hair. It is one nice thing about living alone, a little bit of cleaning lasts a long time, especially if I'm thorough. I just wish I didn't hate it so much!

Last night I went to see a wonderful film by Agnes Varda, the only female filmmaker associated with the French New Wave. The film, Jacquot , was really lovely and she was there to introduce it and answer questions afterwards. The film was about the childhood of her late husband, the director Jacques Demy. The two of them could hardly have different filmmaking styles. Demy made gauzy, sad, beautiful, colorful musicals. Varda made fewer films and they are thoughtful, intellectual exercises. Almost conversations with the audience. Technically, she is not as masterful as Demy, but her work has a lyrical quality as well because it is always infused with a true affection for its subjects. Varda embraces human weakness, and any person who does so, or any film that exhibits this quality, will always have a certain beauty, even if there are some rough edges.

I am grateful that I got to hear Agnes Varda speak. That was a wonderful experience.

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