Monday, February 21, 2005

President's Day

What can I say about Monday? I had the day off--how great is that? I thought I was going to get up early and run an errand, but instead I slept in and when I couldn't go back to sleep I finished a mystery novel (unfortunately, not a very good one). I went to meet a Jdate© guy. I will try to spare you, dear reader, most of the details of this incredibly boring date. He was awfully happy to see me, but was otherwise quite expressionless. He spoke in a monotone. If he'd been interesting, or showed any shred of personality, he might have actually been considered attractive. I sat there, in the coffee shop, looking at his face, cradled in his hands, distorted, making way too much eye contact, and I asked myself, "would I like to kiss him?" The answer, not surprisingly, was, "NO." Then, it was just a question of how quickly I could get out of there. We took a little stroll. He shuffled. I thought, "I cannot be with someone who is so out of it that he shuffles due to pure laziness." He offered me a ride home, which I declined. I said, "nice to meet you" and I shook his hand. I hope that is the end of it. I don’t know if he's one of the ones who I should be giving another chance to…but that's too bad. Life is too short to spend it bored out of one's mind.

No other boys have called, but it's ok. I had a dim sum lunch with Heather and I told her about MS. She told me about her fun weekend. I got home and cleaned the back parking lot and did some weeding. Then I mopped the kitchen, thoroughly cleaned the bathroom, talked to my dad and cooked dinner. All in plenty of time to catch Everwood. I am grateful for three-day weekends.

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