Friday, February 25, 2005

Party prep

Friday was another good day at work. I had a briefing and I actually felt like I knew what I was doing. I'm so much more confident at this job than I was when I started. I feel that I've really learned it. Maybe that's why I keep thinking about moving on. I need a new challenge. I need to write those damn dissertation papers while I have the resources and then decide if I want out. And if I do, then leave.

I realized that I'm planning to make way too much food for the party. For the pathetically few number of people who are actually going to show up. Oh well. I'm committed to my plan. (Or, should I be committed because of my plan?) Either way, I'm just going ahead. Worst case, I send people home with leftovers or I eat dip and crudités for the next week. It could be worse.

I walked home with TR today. I figured I'll be home all day tomorrow and may take Sunday to laze around as well, so I needed to walk. We had a funny conversation about my love life (again!). Honestly, we do talk about other things. This time, it ended up being about my very first boyfriends. I told him about the boy I was engaged to when I was four. His name was Rickie and he lived next door to me on Yellow Green Street in Middletown, CT. We used to kiss and hold hands and tell everyone that we were getting married. TR thinks it is hilarious that I remember so much about my life at that age. He said I need to go find Rickie. I don't know his last name, but TR said that shouldn't stop me. I should figure it out, check the property records or something. It is funny thinking about talking to someone who I decided I would marry when I was four. TR asked how I would feel if Rickie called me up. I said I would be flattered and then think it was weird. I'm sure I would like it, though.

The brownies are in the oven. Next I think I'll polish the wacky silver vegetable serving dish. Then maybe chop some veggies. Then…vacuum? Nah, that can wait until morning.

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