Thursday, February 17, 2005

A normal day

I've been having a heck of a time figuring out what to write about today. It's not a bad day. It's a fine day, in fact. Just not an exciting day. Lots of good email. Heard from a long-lost friend. Had my mom tell me to drink something red today and tomorrow (oh how I wish I were joking!). Good email with KJ. One round with the "I suck at calling" guy (is he officially ISC now?). He now promises to call me TONIGHT. I have no expectation that he actually will call and I won't be disappointed if he doesn't. He is funny and seems nice, I'm just not worked up about it yet, which is good, of course. Actual work done at work. Work is actually interesting today and I like it at least a little bit.

I guess I am grateful that I have my life at the point where my weekend feels busy but isn't too crowded. I appreciate all the downtime and early nights I'm going to have this weekend. I am going to get ready for my party (the planning has commenced), sleep, see a couple friends and hopefully write. I may not work on the blog though, because there are no dates planned for this weekend or anytime soon.

Here is something that I found annoying, but of which I should try and see the amusing side. I got a message today on the site-which-shall-remain-nameless (H: it is not lava). The fellow was 47, had a blurry pic, so-so things to say and the message was something like (I'm paraphrasing): "I don't usually spend the money to send an actual email, but your smile was so great it was worth it. But I don't want to overpraise you yet. What in the hell did you do to cause that cab to drop you on the side of the road? There's story there for"

Well, yes, there is a story there. And you can read it here.

I guess there is no point being annoyed at the guy and it would be better to decide that his message is hilarious. Hilarious because he seems to think he's doing me a favor by spending a credit (I don't know what they're worth--maybe $1?) to email me when he usually just "winks." But a wink on this site can't be returned with a wink--you have to spend money to respond to a wink. So he's saying he usually expects the other person to pay, but this time is different. Also, even though he ends it with a "smile" the implication that it was my fault that I was dropped off...and I don't tell the story on the site, just say my most humbling moment was "being unceremoniously being asked to get out of the car on a blind date." Now, many guys who have buzzed me on this site say something about it--mostly how lousy they think it is. This guy does get originality points for blaming me. You go! I don't think I'll be returning his great favor by contacting him.

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