Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy birthday to me

Woo-hoo! Party time. Almost. Mom called this morning and sang "Happy Birthday" and gave me my birthday kisses. Then Heather called. Then Dad called. It's nice. My brother's present, a couple of books, arrived today. I slept in, read for a while. Nothing heavy. When I got up I vacuumed. Is it bad not to leave the house all day? I don't know. It's awful cold outside and I've been working pretty hard. I'm just taking my time getting everything ready. The only things left to do now are the last minute things. I do need to shower soon rather than later, but that won't take long. Enough time to fiddle and fuss and make the house look nice.

How do I look forward to the party, that' is the challenge for me. Not to let my nerves overwhelm me. Just to have fun and enjoy being around some friends. Heather will be here, Kelly and Cyndy. The three of them alone would be a good time. Everyone else is just gravy. It's nice that some of the work people are coming, though none of them are tons of fun.

Will MS show? I haven't heard from him so it's quite possible that he's not coming. If he did come, I'll be a bundle of nerves. Of course I want to see him, but these might not be the best circumstances. I know that is a big bunch of sour grapes. I'll be terribly disappointed if he doesn't come. But, you know, it's just not that big a deal. I'll get over it quickly. I just have to make sure it doesn't ruin my evening. Expect nothing, drink early and have a good time with my good friends. That's a good plan for a party.

I'm grateful for all the good wishes from family and friends on my birthday. It is a happy birthday!


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