Saturday, January 22, 2005


Something I haven't written about is an IM friendship I struck up with one of the Jdate guys. It lasted less than two weeks. He didn't ask me out and he didn't call me, even though I gave him my number after our first chat. I never saw his picture, just a blurry image over a webcam (which I didn't find very attractive, a fact which he took in stride). Every night when I got home and fired up the Yahoo IM, he was there. After a date, he was there. Our conversations were wide-ranging, flirtatious, intellectually stimulating and highly inappropriate. And also, ultimately, unhealthy. I'd read the little dating book and it was clear to me that I needed to end it. It was a distraction, an escape from reality. I avoided him for a couple of days and then I answered his most recent request to chat. I told him that I had to end our conversations. He wasn't angry, just a little disappointed. I told him why and he understood. We probably chatted for an hour and then he wrote me this little bit of bastardized verse about my blog:

I am your blog
I am your blog come to life
I am a part of all the blogs I met
Though much is taken
Much abides
Make weak by time and fate
To strive to seek and not yield
To your blog
It little profits an idle blog
To sit upon a barren webpage
And mete out unjust rules
To useless jdates
There lies the port
The vessel calls my name
Made weak by time and IM-ing
But strong in will
To type to seek, to kiss,
And not to yield.

Then, he gave me this bit of non-tampered with poetry as a final goodbye:

For in my spirit will I dwell
And in my heart will hold it true
Though my lips may bid adieu
I cannot think the thing farewell.

What's not to be grateful for?

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  1. You are such a tease! C'mon what about the weekend?


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