Wednesday, January 12, 2005

New pics

I changed my “intro” pic on Jdate and the responses just picked right up. This must be the trick—change your “intro” photo from time to time and it draws in a whole new crowd. It’s like they don’t recognize you. Also, this new pic is one that guys seem to particularly like. It’s also a funny picture. It’s not that easy to put pictures right into the blog (I know it’s not that hard either) or I would let you compare. (I'm working on the picture thing, so stay tuned.)

Three of the most recent responders wrote me full out one and two paragraph letters. One almost replicated his profile, which seems pretty bad, but maybe isn't. It’s kind of sad, but there is so much pressure, I’m inclined to cut these guys a bit of slack. We’re not all writers (ahem) and so feats of literary greatness are not expected or required. Some indication of a flicker of intelligence is required.

One of the letters was from a guy I'm almost 100% sure is an ex of a friend of mine. I really don't like this guy. I didn't like the way be treated my friend and I have no interest in dating him, meeting him or having anything to do with him. I debated about how to handle it. Write back and mention that I know him? Write back with a rejection? Or not write back at all? I went for option three. I'm not sure if it was the coward's way out or not, but I couldn't figure out what to say to him. Non-responses are cowardly, but sometimes better than the other options.

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