Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lawyer or doctor?

Not surprisingly, there are tons of lawyers on Jdate© (no shortage of MDs either). Hate the way those stereotypes prove the reason for their existence. Now, why is it that these lawyers pick “doctorate” in the education field? I mean, I picked it, but I have a goddamn Ph.D. And, yes, I know law school is hard and all, and no disrespect, but a J.D. is not the equivalent of a research Ph.D. I even looked it up. So, c’mon guys, get real. You have a souped up M.A. and you should be proud. Damn, it's one of the most powerful professions in the country, if not the world. Why you gotta rain on my parade?

It's Jdate©, for goodness sake, so why don't they add "legal" or "medical" or "JD" or "MD" to the choices? It just has the normal ones: high school, some college, college, masters, doctorate. Actually, maybe even having the last two categories is a concession or accommodation of the overeducated nature of the Jdate© pool.

Today, I answered some of the backlog of emails in my Jdate© inbox. The traffic, between the letters and the IMs, has overwhelmed me a bit. I take the guys who go to the trouble of writing an email a little more seriously than the IMers, but if you have something to say either way, I'll try and respond. One of the emails was very brief, but friendly, so I wrote back and asked him to tell me a bit more about himself and he obliged. Notably, he mentioned that he's Black and converted to Judaism when he got married (and is now divorced). He said that a lot of people stopped right there. It didn't phase me and I wrote back saying that his age (48) would be a lot more of a problem for me than the African American thing. He responded, "I'm not ancient." To which I said, "No, of course not. Just telling you where I'm coming from: I'm not a racist, but I might be an ageist--at least when it comes to dating! (Humor intended.)" Anyway, I thought it was funny.

Some of these guys are too much. Or maybe I don't see humor where it's intended. For example, I received this message a couple of days ago from a 50 year old man (who looked much older in his pic): “In the dark we would be totally in love. Let's try meeting in the light and see what happens. - National Gallery?” After I didn’t answer that message, he followed up with: “What is the guy holding the potato indicating?” Well, duh, he’s obviously indicating that he’s holding a potato. In a bar. It’s incongruous, get it? I did not respond to that guy. My reaction to the first message was simply, “yech.” And I feel bad, because he sent this little message out there on the Jdate ocean and it’s never going to be returned or acknowledged. It’s happened to me three or four times that my emails haven’t been answered and it niggles at you. How could this seemingly great guy not realize how great I am? Is it my picture? He took one look and said, no way. Was it too much work to write back? Was my email lousy? And then, I realize, it’s not personal, it’s not about me and it’s best to just let it go. And, I have. So, sorry lascivious old guy, you’ll just have to live with the disappointment.

Damn, I forgot that I'm supposed to be grateful for something.

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