Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Here I am again with nothing to be grateful for...maybe I'll figure it out along the way in this post. I was home sick yesterday and I spent today at work doing absolutely no work. I didn't do nothing. I did some research on ESL for my "little sister" and her brother. I went to the credit union and deposited checks, made a withdrawal and ordered a new ATM card. I went to the USDA Graduate School book store and bought books for the Spanish class that starts next week. I read a blog. So, it's not like I did nothing, it's just that nothing I did was what they are paying me for. I promise to work tomorrow because I'm starting to fall behind.

The reason that I had to replace my ATM card, my library card and my Kaiser card is that on Sunday evening my bag was stolen. I had the Flexcar and I stopped by a little coffee shop with WiFi to work on the blog and have a hot cider. I took the computer out of the trunk, but left my funky, nifty backpack in there. I suspect I did not close the trunk properly. When I came out of the coffee shop less than 30 minutes later I noticed the trunk ajar and no backpack. What I can be grateful for is that I had my driver's license, credit card, cash, and Flexcar keycard in my pockets. I did lose my actual wallet, which was relatively empty of cards and had only loose change in it, the other contents of the bag, and the bag itself. And my keys. The bag did have two other credit cards, which I never use and promptly canceled, along with a folding hairbrush, three new tiny lipglosses from the Gap, a glasses cleaning cloth, my smartrip card, a metro card with more than $20, my library card, AFI card, AMC movie watcher card, coupons to Landmark cinema and a few other misc coupons. All these little things that are pretty useless to anyone but me. Oh, and there was the book I'm reading. And my journal. That hurts. The journal was the only truly irreplaceable thing in the bag.

I woke up on Monday and could not get myself out of bed. When I finally did, around 10am, I felt lousy and had a huge headache, so I called in sick. I think the second theft in as many months did me in. So, I stayed home and relaxed. Watched Rebecca and listened to the film-critic commentary, which was excellent. Figured out how to deactivate the remote alarm thingy that was on my keychain and ordered a new one ($99. Bastards.). Went to the library late in the afternoon and got a new card. They had my book, so I checked it out instead of buying another copy.

I know, I'm grateful for friends like Todd and Sarah, who dropped everything and had Todd take me to the office on Sunday night where I stashed some spare keys. Todd was really nice and kind and made me feel better. It's hard to be alone right after something like that and Todd was my "shoulder to cry on."

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  1. OH NO
    That sucks. It wasn't your cool Dutch bag was it?


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